Friday, July 9, 2010


I am starting a project where I am finding and photographing all of the letters in the alphabet. I may try to capture multiples of some letters that often appear twice in a word. I keep debating between doing a theme and finding all the letter on animals or airplanes. I think I will just start with finding them anywhere. Here are the two that I have. Jim helped my find the R. Don't tell but I did have to reverse the R. I will be posting the letters as I find them as well. Also I guess that I wouldn't be opposed to using one photograph as multiple letters. Like this M could also be a W. I think it will be a challenging and fun project for the summer. The M is the back part of a hellicopter. We went to the Richland Fly-in and saw all the planes. This guy was also there. The R is a railing on Clover Island surround the lighthouse. I love how the sunset is in the background.

Plese Note: the M has since been edited and cropped.


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