Friday, July 23, 2010

Wire Project - Part 1

I am going to attempt to post one image at a time for a while. I think it will help me choose quality over quantity. Maybe it will keep my viewers (when I have some) away from boredom. Also if I really have several images that are great of the same subject they will last longer and keep you all in suspense.

What better to start this habit with than a series of images. The images came from a project idea that I have for art lesions. I am currently teaching two little boys about art and graphic design. I love it.

Anyways I was thinking that a fun project would be to take an image and use that image to create various compositions from the original.

Here is the original. The other compositions will be coming soon. My goal was to make 5 different comps. I do have favorites but I will let you tell me yours.


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