Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Birthday Post

For my 24th birthday I wanted to share 24 of my favorite photographs from my previous blog posts. I hope you enjoy!!! Which is your favorite

1. Sunflower
2. Rock Stacks on Ruby Beach
3. Peace Love Progress Mural: Haiti
4. Barbed Wire Abstract: Haiti
5. Giant Slug
6. Art Alley Wall Art
7. Clouds
8. Sunset on the River: Kennewick, WA
9. Tent Cit: Haiti
10. Temple Square: Utah
11. America: The Laramie Project
12. Driftwood
13. Wyoming Mountains
14. Front Door? Back Door: The Laramie Project
15. Orange Lillies
16. God Gave Up Graffiti: Rapid City, South Dakota
17. Haitian Voodoo Doll
18. Medicine Bow national Forrest
19. Prickly Plant: Santa Fe
20. Barnacles
21. Got Mail: The Laramie Project
22. Penzoil: The Laramie Project
23. Miami Skyline
24. Blokes: Denver

Check out my art work on my art blog.  Can you see where I used some of my photographs for my art?

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